The foundation takes its name, Ethiope, from one of the many beautiful rivers of the Niger Delta, which is situated in coastal Delta State, Nigeria (see picture below). Not many rivers and their basin lands in the region will remain clean and beautiful unless something serious and effective is done to prevent the oil-driven ecocide threatening them now and in the future.

The Ethiope Foundation is a development NGO that focuses on the social, economic, environmental and health issues afflicting the Niger Delta region with a particular emphasis on the impacts of ecocide and resource development on local communities due to decades of oil and gas exploitation in the region.

Our aim is to improve the quality of life of the peoples of the Niger Delta by way of providing and promoting innovative approaches and solutions to issues such as resource control, resource development and management, the eradication of wholesale ecocide in the region and alternative socio-economic development. For us, the people and the land of the Niger Delta come first. Our further aim is to collaborate with similar organisations that are seeking to eradicate ecocide and its impacts occurring in other parts of the planet.

The Ethiope Foundation was founded in early 2012 in response the United Nations Environmental (UNEP) Report (2011) on the Niger Delta and Polly Higgins’s influential book, Eradicating Ecocide, which advocates for a universal set of enforceable laws that will eradicate ecocide in a number of hotspots and other areas around the world including the Niger Delta.

We use multi-method approaches and solutions to carry out our work including research analysis, policy debate, campaigning, capacity-building and project development. Our work involves approaches that are geared towards creating and providing solutions which are sensitive to specific requirements of the problems we seek to address rather 'off the shelf' methods.

The Ethiope Foundation also seeks to forge working relations and collaborations with all sectors of society in the UK, Nigeria and internationally. Our relations extend to engage governments, businesses, civil society organisations, the media, businesses, academic institutions and members of the public.

The Ethiope Foundation is a registered charity: No. 08558135.